Staying In Your Lane – Vent LVI


            Last night, all I wanted to do was watch Barbershop. I hadn’t watched it in a while, and for the oddest of all reasons, I felt like watching it last night, and I was about to, but the WiFi signal in my room was too weak to handle it, and I wasn’t about to run up my data to watch it. It’s not going anywhere, but I wanted to watch something, so I decided to watch Katt Williams’ Pimp Chronicles Volume 1 (there’s a point coming to this, I promise). Through the jokes about weed, haters, and poking fun at black people in general, the main thing that he emphasized was that people “enjoy their lives,” and to be quite honest, I think that a lot of people forget that they need to enjoy their lives, and it’s not worth it to kill yourselves trying to make a life if you won’t live it. The reason why that point was so relevant to me at the time, is because as I’m looking around (occasionally skimming through social media), I’m seeing a lot of people (people I’ve grown up with, went to school with, or have got to know over the past couple years) having children, starting their own families, getting married, settling down, and naturally the thought that comes to a young 24 year old’s mind is “damn, maybe I should start to look towards making a change in my life.” In conjunction to seeing the changes from my friends, I also noticed that a lot of young people constantly stressing over growing up too fast. Look, I’m 24 years old, but I’m in no rush to get too far ahead of myself.

What the important thing I had to remember at the time was that, everything comes in its own time, and there’s absolutely no race to try and keep up with others especially when I’m currently just getting life together career wise. Everything that’s supposed to happen will happen when it’s good and ready, but my problem with people (and maybe the internet is to blame for this) is that we see so many other people show off what they have and what they’re striving for, and we look at ourselves like we need to do better because of them, not because of personal reflection. That’s not to say that it’s necessary a bad thing, because there might be a time when we really have to get our stuff together, but too many people want to live beyond their means and force a lifestyle that doesn’t come natural to them. To stay in your lane is a term that means that you just have to focus on your own direction; in an artist’s point of view, staying in your lane can mean a multitude of things, so it’s all about the context in which you use it. There are people who venture out of their lane and try to be something that they’re not because of insecurities and having to want to impress other people, although they proclaim with pride that “I don’t have anyone to impress.” Look, you have to enjoy your life – why? Why is that even a question to enjoy your life? Life’s too short to be miserable and feel all “owe woe is me, everyone is so happy,” and think that your life has less meaning than others. It doesn’t, and that’s what young people (heck, maybe even all people) need to realize. We all have our time, and some people may not want the things that other people want. That’s really what I had to remind myself. Yes, I’ve been single for a while, and yes eventually I’d like to start my own family, but because I’m not in a position to do so (nor am I looking for it), I have nothing to worry about. Travel, meet new people, have more life experiences, and most importantly – have fun. That’s what life is about, and whatever comes today, tomorrow, next week, next year, or in even 10 years, I have no real control over, so I’m just going to just go on about life as I should

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