Quarter Life Process – Vent LXIII

The lifestyles of the recently broke and nowhere near famous can be summed up in one song that helped me get through my internship in late 2012 and early 2013. Be A Man by Ab-Soul on the Longterm 2 mixtape, can perfectly describe what I was going through at the time, but in still holds its weight in significant meaning for me today. As an (almost) 25 year old, there shouldn’t be any reason for a ‘quarter-life crisis’, but I definitely feel the growing changes heading deeper into my adulthood. More responsibilities and built anxiety have weighed on my brain, but the important thing is that none of those factors can distract me from my overall goals and strive to greatness. The thing that gets a lot of people down is that when they hit a certain age, they’re ‘supposed’ to be doing certain things to follow in the systematic approach of what it is to be an adult. At this time, I’m actually overdue in living on my own – I’m almost 25, which is ‘too old’ for a lot of people. I don’t have a car, and I don’t have kids. There are a lot of things that people throw out there that you’re supposed to have, and how you’re supposed to be living your life, but what it comes down to is ‘your life’, not theirs. They can’t possibly relate if they’re not in your shoes.



“All this commotion goes in one ear, out the other
I’m still gone make it, one way or the other”


A question was posed on Twitter a couple of weeks back, and it went ‘when did you discover that you were different?’ It’s one of the best questions to answer, because where it’s commonly a trend now to profoundly proclaim to be ‘weird’ and ‘different’ to gain attention and put yourself on a pedestal, there are people who really just stuck out from the rest, even within their own circle of people. They didn’t do the same activities, didn’t listen to all of the same music, and didn’t agree with the ‘status quo’ – they went against it or went about in their own lanes. Life is about being instinctive and utilizing common sense, albeit it’s not so common to many. I’ve always been one to stand out, since I was a kid, and where it had its pros and cons, I grew to realize that it didn’t necessarily matter what they thought of my actions, thoughts, and beliefs. I accept who I am as a human being, but I at least live with a sense of purpose, that there’s more to my life that I’ve yet to discover, and I’m still on the journey to understand just what it is.


“Its like real difficult to articulate it
It’s like you got your goals. You got your aspirations
Your dreams, and you chasing that, you pursuing that
But in-turn it cost for you to sacrifice alot of your availability to go out their and get this paper, nah mean?
Its hard to say you a man still and livin at your momma house..”


I’m not shy about my goals and what I want to achieve, and the idiotic thing that I’ve seen a lot of people do is to hide what their goals are because they don’t wanna talk about them, but yet to be about them. Nothing wrong with that, but in the words of the little girl from the Olde El Paso commercials “why not both?” Not everyone wants to lead an extravagant life, nor should it be the focus of ones life, because everyone has a different purpose and meaning to their lives. I pretty much said the same thing in my Staying In Your Lane vent, but the transitional period is what causes the most stress for many people – including myself. There are a great deal of challenges that come with growing up, but I never back down from any, and neither should you. Outside factors exempted, only you can impede your own personal progress. Don’t make it so. Live with meaning.

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