Isaiah Rashad – Soliloquy (Official Video)

Less than 24 hours after Kendrick Lamar received 0 (ze-ro, ZERO) Grammy awards after his 7 (se-ven, SEVEN) nominations (I’m not angry), Top Dawg Entertainment shows no signs of holding back from their takeover that their fearless leader, Top Dawg, stated would happen at the end of 2013. 6 Albums are planned to be released, and the new kid on the team, Isaiah, is the first one up (no pressure) with Cilvia Demo coming through in…24 hours.


Now, I heard snippets on iTunes, and I had to run this track back many many…many times. The beat alone is fierce and what you get for a little less than 2 minutes is straight bars. With what has been released prior to the album, Isaiah is definitely looking to make his presence felt, and for those who have still yet to find out who this young man from Chattanooga is, then here is a good start. Enjoy the video, and when the album comes, you’ll know where to find that as well.

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