Isaiah Rashad – Welcome To The Game


In case you didn’t know who he was, Isaiah Rashad is one of the 2 newest signees with Top Dawg Entertainment. It was a fascinating surprise because he was an unknown if you didn’t live in the state of Tennessee, and maybe even then. But regardless of that notion, when I heard him and what I thought he could bring to the table (you can read my Profile on him here), the Southern sound is something that could be attained by the popular indie group, but without being a mainstream hype that would label them as ‘selling out’. Aside from I Shot You Down and Ronnie Drake, this mixtape has a lot of tracks that a lot of people didn’t really advertise when he was signed to TDE. I don’t understand why because this mixtape has been on constant repeat for a few months now. He plans to release his official project with TDE (Cilvia) as 1 of the 6 albums planned by the label, and I recommend listening to this, because he has a lot of good ones to look forward to. The humility, and the fact that there’s a fundamental groundwork that can be built with him, it’s definitely what I value in Hip Hop artists. Let’s hope that this will be the year where many more people will truly understand just who Isaiah is. Enjoy.

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