Dreamville – Revenge of the Dreamers

It took a while, but J.Cole finally got his Chaining Day from Jay-Z, which happened while celebrating his birthday, and that was pretty cool. In addition to that, a joint venture for Dreamville & Interscope happened, and that’s also something to be proud of. So exactly, what does one do when such great things happen? Well, free music would be the answer, and not to be confused for a J.Cole mixtape, it’s actually a collective effort from all of the artists on the roster, so there are contributions from Bas & Omen as well.


Born Sinner didn’t exactly get the recognition I felt that it deserved, because in terms of Rap albums in the 2012-2013 stretch, J.Cole’s was pretty damn good (among others). This is a tape to sit on until possibly a J.Cole project (or that mythical collaboration album with Kendrick Lamar) comes out this year (or not). Check out Bas’ Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. 2 mixtape as well (there’s some goodies on that one). Enjoy.

Direct Download

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