Hope City – The Journey [Documentary]

In case you forgot about the trailer that I posted not too long ago, the whole documentary chronicling the lives of 6 basketball players from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the surrounding GTA, is here. John River and I had been engaged in conversations about this idea, and the fact that it’s here presented for essentially the world to see as he gets into the minds of young men who want to make it in a bigger way, I’m proud of his efforts and also the efforts of the whole Hope City team. With the big splash of Canadian talent on the rise, and beginning to show on basketball’s larger platforms, it’s only right to catch the future before they break out. Not everyone always knows the backgrounds of their favourite players, because they only care about what they can bring for their team, whether it’s their favourite NBA team or Fantasy League. It’s the world we live in, and no one’s at fault for that, but it’s good that this documentary shows the type of men these guys are and what they aspire to be. There’s a great message in all of this, and I hope you enjoy watching it.

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