Redway – On Fire (Prod. By Wondagurl)


If I had a dollar for every time I heard or said ‘there are other people in the city of Toronto that are dope, besides Drake’, my bank account statement would look like I’m ready for early retirement (you see what I did). If you haven’t familiarized yourself with Redway, he’s really about to have himself a year that has just been a continuation of building blocks placed over time. Live Freehis last album, turned out to be just a taste of what Redway was about to bring to the table. Collaborating with the fiery (no pun) young producer, Wondagurl, is proving to be a wise move, as they always say in basketball ‘go with the hot hand’, and the madness that ensues is left to history to decide. On Fire is simply that, when it comes to the lyrical delivery and production – fire. This is just the first track from an upcoming mixtape or album, and you can be sure to know that they’ll be more tracks reminiscent of this to come. Enjoy.


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