Ab-Soul – Stigmata (Feat. Action Bronson & Asaad)

These Days… it seems like Ab-Soul has been the forgotten child of Black Hippy (wait, not hat’s Jay Rock), but he’s definitely been vocal about the frustrations of his upcoming album, as he expressed wishes to leak it, until the boss man, Top Dawg, shut all of that down with authority. With a title out, and a fan-selected release date still in the air, it’s becoming more clear that These Days will drop ‘one day’ very soon, and that’s exciting because Control System has held its ground for the past 2 years, and it still feels like it just came out. That’s the standard that TDE has come to appreciate and the bar they set – always making quality music that can stand the test of time (See: Section.80). Ab-Soul was the one member of the crew that didn’t initially hit me in terms of wow-factor, but the intellect that his disperses with his songs, and the emotional quality that made me easy to relate to when I was going through my own personal struggle, I’ve come to gain a bigger appreciation of him, especially with LT2 and CS. I’m excited about what his album will bring, and this track definitely creates a legit hype to surround it. Enjoy.

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