Tinashe – Days in the West (Drake Cover)

As the days and weeks go by, I seem to be seeing Tinashe’s name more and more often, and with 2 On being such a banger, it’s appropriate to say that the emergence of Tinashe is flourishing pretty well, especially when the biggest name in music covers it – that being Drake. Since he covered one of hers, she decided to cover one of his. A lot f Drake songs, because of their weight in emotion, they sound better covered by females than when he originally does it (see: Jojo’s cover of Marvin’s Room); that’s just how I’ve seen it, but this track is also an example of that point. If you’re just hearing about Tinashe, get caught up (here), and definitely enjoy what she has to offer. Glad to see that more people are taking her in. Check out the track.

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