Daniella Watters – No One Can Love Me Better

If you haven’t come to know Daniella Waters as of yet, you should check her out because she has a groovy style to go with her R&B sensation that she gives off the bat. Through seeing her live sets a couple of times, she has a great presence of mind on the stage, and in videos like this one, she maintains it while showing confidence as an emerging artist that’ll hope to blow up, but only time will tell. I was fortunate enough to hear this song live, and the studio version does it justice as well. LA is the city of dreams, and it’s also the setting of this video. The song has bounce, and it’s catchy. You’ll find yourself bopping to it, as it’s a great vibe for the summertime, where often relationships either falter or flourish as the flowers bloom and birds chirp – the cycle. Enjoy it (Grab the song on iTunes if that’s the case

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