Chuuwee – Friends (Prod. By Foreign Languages)

Friends was one of my favourite shows to watch when I was growing up, which seems to be an oddity when you’re black (especially as a male), because the 90s had The Cosby Show, Fresh Prince, Family Matters, Martin, etc., but I’m sort of well-rounded, so I didn’t discriminate from watching other shows that wouldn’t have been ‘the norm’ to watch back then. The trials and tribulations of Chuuwee during the 90s is the theme of his next EP, The Chuuwee Channel, which is geared to have a heavy influx of TV & Movie examples to tell the tales. As the first single goes (or an ‘episode’ that Chuuwee calls it), with the help of Foreign Languages, the dope beat with the Migos-esque flow work well with each other. Definitely a good dose of replay value with the surroundings of the people closest to you who are the quickest to change up on you when your success starts to emulate. Enjoy (buy on iTunes) and be on the lookout for the new EP which is slated to drop this summer.

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