D. Bolt – BLLFIT

It’s amazing what you can find right under your nose when you’re not looking, and what’s equally amazing is that it may come from people that you’ve come into interaction with for an extended period of time. This happens to be the case with a follower of mine, who goes by Demetrius aka D.Bolt. The common thing that happens on Twitter is that people will spam you with music links and whatever, regardless if they think you have a website or know someone who knows someone. It’s a tactical way of promoting, or simply annoying, depending on your patience level. Because we’ve been following each other for some time, I was grateful that I was approached directly by him to get a review, and I’m definitely open to listening to something new, so why not?



Of what I knew of his music preference, it’s pretty much wide open, but the smoker’s anthems were definitely high up there in appeal, so I had an inkling that that primary sound was going to capture the audience on this EP. When Gone Fishin’ starts up as the intro with the Floetry Say Yes, I had a feeling that I’d be right on my prediction. Starting off with a mellow vibe with a rather cool showing of flow was a good foot to lead off the project.

For the sake of comparison, when Bucket Low started playing, it reminded me of something from The 6th Letter, a rapper based in Toronto, and he’s doing pretty well for himself, so that’s not a bad compliment. How the flow compliments the beat has really made it that enjoyable for me, and it’s really laid back – it captures the essence of summer with bucket hats and good weed; unless you live in California, then that’s just every day (the title of the EP is hidden in this track – listen for it). Rotation has the catchiest of hooks that will catch people from the beginning, and it’s the only track that has a feature verse (provided by Dennis The Menace). When you turn the speakers up, the track really just engulfs you because you completely zone out, and 88 Classic had the same approach – minimalist content with a beat that felt nostalgic (something like ’93 Til Infinity).

The beat for Death At A Funeral – sheesh – one time for the producer, por favor! When you think of the old Kanye West College Dropout beats, I know it’s a stretch of a comparison, but that’s the only thing I could think of at the moment. I wish that it was a longer track to be completely honest, and a longer EP in general. I didn’t expect this to come out at all, because if I did listen to a track by Demetrius, I definitely don’t remember, but I’m glad I took the time out to check out this EP. I have to admit that I’m impressed, and for the atmosphere that surrounds the music, which fits the great summer weather, this BLLFIT EP is recommended. It may be from an amateur, but it definitely doesn’t sound like it. I was expecting something like industry instrumentals and bad microphone audio to flood through my ear buds, but that wasn’t the case. I’m appreciative of that, and for that, check out the tape – he even added a bonus track – and most importantly, Enjoy.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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