On The Lookout – Nick Hakim

It’s funny how life works out. Today I went on a mini-rant about there not being enough quality R&B artists, or even singers in general, out there to really provide the soul that I’ve come to appreciate growing up. I mean I know there’s a difference between R&B and Soul, but that shouldn’t take away the fact that there aren’t a lot of quality singers that are out there making great music to listen to all the time. There aren’t a lot of singers that I listen to on a regular basis that can have that nostalgic feeling of just listening to feel good music or simply good music no matter what the subject content is. It’s a shame that good quality can’t make its way to the mainstream where it’s dearly needed, but if there’s no demand then why bother with the supply, right? Tragic times. However, with that being said, there are people who come across my radar (or are directed to me by other people) and they’re worth listening to. Gary Clark Jr, Allen Stone, and BJ The Chicago Kid were probably the last male singers that I had high regards for that weren’t already on the scene, because they embody soul into their music and not (what I call) ‘Ratchet & Bellowing’ music.


My friend Jen (at the time I’m currently writing this, she’s at a Maxwell concert) sent me a text about the opener and his name is Nick Hakim; told me to look him up – I did.  The first song I came across was a live version of his song Cold. YoursTruly is a really dope company or organization (or a collective – I don’t know what they do), that I’ve been following for a while and they just discover some dope ass talent (follow their Soundcloud immediately), and wouldn’t you know, they were the ones who put the video together.

If you think the in-studio version of this song is something, the CDQ is pretty damn good itself. I’ve had it on repeat for most of the time I’ve been writing this. The simplicity of an acoustic guitar and a smooth voice may not be a lot to many people, but there’s not a lot more that you need, although the rhythm and vibe of the song is dope, albeit the subject is on the sad side.

The only other song that’s on his Soundcloud page is Pour Another, and I’m a big fan of this song because it’s like something out of a page of Miguel’s catalogue, but it’s just nothing but smooth vibes that have left me zoned out – it’s hypnotic to say the least, but given the content of the song, I assume that was the whole point of the song. How it’s all layered in with the effects and vocals, it’s a good time.

I don’t know what’s to make of his career if he’s going to be putting out an album or something, but I hope so, given the strength of 2 songs and over 100K plays for both songs. It also says something when you’re on tour with freakin’ Maxwell of all people. Only time will tell how it all plays out; for the current time being, take a listen and definitely enjoy.

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