Mellowhype – I Need Some Answers

It’s been a minute since Numbers, and Hodgy’s Untitled 2 was satisfactory at best, but when MellowHigh dropped, that was something of promise as Odd Future has had a relatively quiet 2014 (granted, Tyler & Earl dropped albums & Domo a mixtape in 2013). As we wait for Frank Ocean drop new music (no idea when that will happen), Mellowhype is back again with a new album. I heard a couple of songs prior to the album, but I was satisfied to hear the combination of Left Brain’s production and Hodgy’s flow to come together that’s an extension of where they left off from MellowHighNowadays was the initial song I heard, but that’s only just one track that was surrounded by a bunch of dope ones although it’s only 11 tracks deep. Check it out (Download here) and enjoy it.

My beautiful picture

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