Black Milk – Detroit’s New Dance Show


I’m not going to address the fact that it’s been almost two weeks since my last blog post (life happens), but this prompted me out of my slumber to get back on my shit. Black Milk had a great album that you probably didn’t hear because the majority of rap listeners pay attention to what mainstream rap critics listen to, which means No Poison No Paradise doesn’t get its fair shine. In the immortal words of Chris Rock from Head of State“That ain’t right!!” This is why I’m here (kind of). Black Milk brings the flavour of style on this track that is aptly named, Detroit’s New Dance Show, and the vibe is an extension of NPNP, which is very enjoyable. I’m sure you’ll dig it if you have an ounce of musical appreciation beyond strictly Hip Hop. Enjoy.

P.S – he’s dropping a new album soon – exciting times.

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