Jigz The Flyer – Never Done (Official Video)

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.32.32 PM

So, a while back (like a while back), my friend Devon, the Hip Hop romantic that she is (love that woman) passed me by a link for Jigz’ mixtape (album?) Opium Fields, and for God knows what reason, I never got around to listening to it. A press release for this video ends up in my email, and all of a sudden, I’m prompted to go back and listen to it. Jigz had a great tape with After Hours, and even more recently, the Black Shampoo EP, which I still wish was longer, because it was so dope. This man is also a wizard on the beats, having making a name for himself as of recent, so hopefully he can build on both platforms of talent that he possess. You can check out the album underneath (as I will do so), and if it’s anything like this track, I’m definitely going to enjoy it – as will you.

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