Jay Birch – Lost in Thought




I’ve been fortunate enough to come across a bunch of talented people over the past few years, and through the music of Brandon Dramatic, I met his good friend, Jay Birch at a studio, while he was recording this album. The vibe of his music reminded me of Dom Kennedy because it’s so laid back (but I don’t like Dom Kennedy at all – just the beats he’s one 90% of the time), and I even had an opportunity to do some background vocals for a track, so that was cool to be apart of, being that I’ve never actually been recorded on someone else’s project before. Enough about me, I’m not the focus, the focus is that I was surprised by the finished product. With some Flying Lotus beats a Flying Lotus beat to start it all off, a couple of features by the aforementioned Dramatic, one by Erik Flowchild, and some dope interludes to help drive the album, there weren’t a lot of hiccups (Swagoo being the one that comes to mind) to stop it from being dope in the end. Based in Vancouver, but with Toronto roots, this is definitely something to bump when you have the opportunity to do so. Enjoy.

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