LeXuS – Louder (Remix) (Feat. Jay Birch)

It’s been a minute since I posted something, and with the buzz all around Kendrick Lamar’s return with his unorthodox, but vividly positive and uplifting song taking control of the internet, it’s not a bad thing to revisit my morals and put on for those who may be overlooked; the hidden gems. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jay Birch for a little over a year, through the mutual friendship of Brandon Dramatic . I’ve had the chance of seeing him at work in the studio, and he does make laid back music to vibe out to, which was portrayed on his most recent project, Lost In ThoughtHe swung me this song earlier on, and I hadn’t come across LeXuS prior to, but I couldn’t help but dig the entire vibe of this song. I first compared Jay to Dom Kennedy (ironic, because I’m not a fan of his), but the laid back flow and ‘cool guy’ appeal was perfect for this song, and the sultry & sexy, raspy voice of LeXuS just delivered all of the good feelings that one should experience, and it’s a feeling I’ve been seemingly begging for when it comes to R&B, so I’m glad that a feeling was resurged here. She has a couple of projects out on her Soundcloud that I figure to be checking out soon (you should do the same), but in the meantime between time, while you have the time – Enjoy.

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