On The Lookout – Brandon Dramatic

After just bumping into him the other day and hearing a preview of the single that he’ll be putting out for the public in the next couple of weeks, I have to shed some light on Mr. Dramatic. Having known him for a couple of years now, this local personality (not huge or anything, but still known) has been doing spitting for a while now, and through his mixtapes, I can hear the progression in his rhymes and delivery and he just continues to get better. From ‘What You Don’t Know’ to ‘Domino Jones’, what started off as amateur has progressed seamlessly into a more confident artist and he’s only getting better.

Local talent is starting to really bloom and get noticed in areas outside of the big city, and that’s important to gain a positive exposure in the world of Hip Hop. The world doesn’t really look at Canadiehdians as really the forefront of hip hop ambassadors, but you know what, just as Andre 3000 said in the Source Awards in 95 “we got a demo tape, nobody wanna hear it, but this the south and we got somethin to say, and that’s all I gotta say.” WELL, it’s the North’s turn to say something, and Brandon is just one example of the voices for not only this city, but who knows, he could be something bigger on a global front. Don’t sleep on the kid, he’s got talent. Check out his stuff (SoundCloud). He’s already been featured on 2DBZ, so me posting this write-up is small in comparison, but I still had to show love. I also posted a song of his a few months back with Erik Flowchild, so take that in as well.

In the words of Dramatic himself


That’s My Word & It STiXX

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