Self-Liberated – Vent LXVI


It’s damn near impossible to really focus on anything when something is occupying your brain to the point where you can’t seem to focus, and that’s what happened for a period of time that I can’t seem to remember the start date. The point is that, when you’re determined enough to want something and it’s the only thing you can focus on, it takes away from everything else that you were working on (i.e., my blog/editing/other creative work) and pushes it to the side like an Adrian Peterson stiff arm to hard AstroTurf. It was pretty serious, but like all things I’ve dealt with (obstacles and all that), I remember the quote I read essentially everyday at the Art Gallery of Ontario “This Too Shall Pass”, and daggummit, it did.


Adulthood is funny because everyone has his or her perception of what it’s supposed to be, how you’re supposed to manage your life at a certain age and to carry yourself, like, well, an adult. Wrong. There are no rules or guidelines, and no matter how much advice you can offer up to someone, it’s all on you, how you feel, when you’re ready to get on with life, and then Bob’s your uncle (it’d be funny if you really had an uncle Bob to say that – Bob Marley will do). The reason why I feel so free is because when you go after something so persistently and finally get what you want and what’s necessary for advancing your growth as a human being, it feels. So. God. Damn. Good.


I was reading (as I tend to do often) the tweets of young adults around my age and what they feel is the absolute dead set ‘way of life’ (because Twitter Logic trumps every form of written law ever, of all time) and it’s fascinating seeing what people think because as it is human nature, you tend to look at others’ lives and try to draw a comparison, and during that time, hopefully something comes around and slaps you in the face back to reality because you’re not them, and whereas they may have something in your life you want, get it on your own terms. Too many people walk into this world unprepared for hardships and throw themselves into circumstances which they could have avoided, but the ‘keeping up with the joneses’ when you’re broker than JJ Evans isn’t the way to go, and as much as I could avoid putting myself in life’s harm by being smart, it’s advisory to do the same for anyone looking to make a significant transition into heir lives. I’ve been through a bunch of stuff, man. Been stranded in God-knows-where, walked God-knows-anywhere, and I’ve had my hardships for quite some time to understand the meanings of humility and patience, but the itch of letting go to move on has appeared multiple times now, and every time I’ve done something about it. You can do it (cut it’s freakin head off) and just – breathe. Every situation has a resolution (yes, every), so keep that in mind when you’re attacking your challenges. It’s all achievable. To the winding road of life, may it forever be an interesting journey.


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