Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Much to the dismay of being in Canada and having been regulated by the CRTC that limits us from experiencing greatness that is the likes of Adult Swim, I really should have been exposed to Flying Lotus years ago, but a couple of years of listening to him is good enough. His jazzy electronic and soulful approach with his production has garnered high praise throughout, and that also includes myself. He’s definitely more than just a producer, as he goes by the rapping alter-ego of Captain Murphy, so I look at him as an overall musician in that regard. You know when people say that someone comes around ‘once-in-a-generation?’ Well, in terms of the rap world, there’s no denying that Kendrick Lamar has made his case in doing so, and for two creatively distinct artists to come together for a first of what may be many collaborations, it feels right as rain on a summer day (just, not in Toronto – we’ve had enough rain). You’re Dead is one of the albums I’m looking the most forward to, because this year for music has been moving like a tortoise full of rigor mortis. The 4th quarter looks to pick up in both R&B and Hip Hop, so expect more posts to come about, as I too get back into my groove and out of my slump. Never Catch Me is fine poetry to put it in simple words, but don’t let me tell you, check it out for yourself. By the way, this has none of the annoying LA Leakers tags that they so obnoxiously threw on when they premiered. Enjoy.

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