BJ The Chicago Kid – Real Love Never Dies

During this tumultuous time in the world, it’s music that is the escape that seem to make things right in the world. A singer’s voice can often be the difference when it comes to creating a mood that will ease people’s minds and relax the situation at hand, so it’s great that BJ decided to drop a track for the people on this day (especially if you’ve been following along with this Ray Rice stuff – messy business). I still listen to Pineapple Now Laters almost religiously, and I can’t wait until he delivers another album. R&B music has become more so underground that what’s being expose at the forefront seems like a joke. It’s not pretty, but it’s being tolerated. The talent pool is shallow with people diving in 9 feet off the platform. You can catch my drift here. Steve Harvey & Cedric the Entertainer were poignant in The Original Kings of Comedy about R&B singers not talking about love anymore, which is the essence of R&B to begin with. That was over a decade ago, and it’s still relevant. I have faith in Rocki Evans, BJ, Gary Clark Jr, Nick Hakim, Allen Stone (to name some off the top) that can at least restore the glory that was male R&B. Who knows? It could get back, or the pool of talent can continue to be shallow enough for it to be considered wading. Indulge in the soul, and most importantly – enjoy.

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