R.I.S.E – 2nd Annual Edutainment Concert [Nov. 30]

Reaching Individual Souls Everywhere is a powerful movement that inspires many, and I believe will be a force in the coming years in unifying a young Toronto crowd to wanting more out of themselves, their peers, and the city that they live in. To be able to contribute and build upon the potential that has been overwhelmingly under-performing, it’s a chance to usher in a new culture that will supersede mediocrity and promote quality. The Edutainment Concert is one way to highlight the talent in the city that many may know or not, but also a chance for newcomers to grace the stage through various talents in order to perform and create a decent following or at least express themselves the only ways they know how. I was fortunate to be in attendance for the 1st one, and it was a great experience. Daniel Spectrum is a great venue in the heart of Regent Park, so I would strongly encourage anyone to check it out. I’m all for supporting the local talent before it gets out, so do your part. Info is on the flyer below. Enjoy.



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