OverDoz – Rich White Friends [Prod. Hit-Boy]

I’ve basically been obsessed with this song since I saw the video, and this group has put out good music over the past couple of years. They have that funk, and their weird sense of style can be reflective of their California surroundings (that Pacific ocean water). If you haven’t heard about this group yet, investigate because they have a their debut album (2008) coming out soon, and if it’s a good as this song right here, then we’ll be in for a treat. If you’ve seen Dear White People in theatres, then you may find more of an appreciation for it than others (although, it’s not hard to pick up on). The racial struggle has definitely resurfaced over the past couple of years (thanks to social media awareness) because of constant injustice when it comes to crimes against Black people. This paints a picture of the divide of class, including White privilege, which has been a hot button issue as of recent. Dope all around, and of course Hit-Boy on the beat makes it no surprise that it’s as dope as it is.


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