The Hustle [Featuring Denitia and Sene] – February 19th

It’s a new year, and that means there are new acts to discover who will be certainly looking to make an impact of sorts in their respective careers. Each show that comes around to Toronto is an opportunity to see who’s next up, and the fine folks at The Academy seem to know what’s going on out there. It’s funny that on two separate occasions, I was told about this event, so you know that the buzz has picked up quite a bit. If you missed the inaugural edition of The Hustle, never worry, for the 2nd coming brings in a duo from Brooklyn, NY that’ll peak our local interests. I took the time out to listen to their work, and they have a sound that I can compare to Odd Future’s The Internet (Syd the Kid & Matt Martians), and that’s evident through their EP his and hers, which you can take a listen to below. If you’re in town, check out the show. If you’re not, discover something new for your music rotation. Either way, you can’t lose. What’s not to be forgotten is that the acts leading up to the headliner are Toronto based and should receive the same type of love that our local residents seem to give foreigners more of. Unbuttoned, Xolisa, DJ Sun Sun & Adria Kain (Higher is crazy) will definitely make the most of their opportunities on the stage, so show love to those who’ll be representatives of the sound carrying forward.



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