Elcee The Artist – #ManeStream

Keeping it Toronto, if you don’t mind, Elcee is an artist I met in the summer of 2014 as he was part of an event that I was co-hosting. This guy can spit, and not only that, but he has the ability to make songs overall (melodies, hooks, etc) which will work to his advantage as he pursues a career in this music, if indeed that’s what he wants for himself. Browsing around, I came across this mixtape that features him on more mainstream rap type of beats, and I can’t lie, he puts his thing down on it. You get your autotune fix, but it’s a turnt up vibe that’s brought to the table. It’s cold outside, we need fire. Elcee delivers some. Check out his other work too, he’s actually dope.

Favourite line of the mixtape: “Fuck all that 6 talk, but then again what the hell am I, I’m just a T.O nigga” Errbody [Remix]

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