JR & PH7 x Chuuwee – The South Sac Mack LP

The South Sac Mack

I’ll admit that I haven’t been as up to date with posting Chuuwee as much as I used to. Don’t ask what happened, things just happen. But, I’m proud of the strides that he’s made over the course of time that I’ve been listening to his music since I first heard Watching The Throne. Through multiple mixtapes and indie projects, the steps to take getting to the full LP that is The South Sac Mack will make it well worth it when it’s released at the end of March (24th to be exact). The album will be entirely produced by German producer duo, JR & RH7. Of what I’ve heard so far (get your pre-order), the vibe is laid back, but with the concrete lyrics of Chuuwee depicting his hometown of Sacramento, it gets real authentic, the only way he can spit it.

“From the city of trees where the semis will squeeze, and fuckin raw will give you nothin but a Jimmy disease. Sick as a Syphilis sneeze when I’m rippin these beats, reportin’ live form the 916” – SAC! (916) Hot N Ready

I’m happy for his success, and I’m definitely going to be purchasing this album more than once. If this is your first time hearing him, his collection is extensive, so there’s much to discover, but if this’ll be your first start, it’s never too late.

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