Crossword – Owe Me Back (Prod. Sango)

Today’s Toronto’s 181st birthday, and in this great city, we’ve seen an influx of talent from various levels of arts & sports that’ll transcend just where the city will stand in the upcoming decades. Crossword is looking to make a name for himself not only in the city but elsewhere, and collaborating with producers to the South of the Great North is one way to expand your sound and get other voices heard. With his upcoming XW album coming out a month from now, the first track proves that it’ll be something to definitely look out for. With the House vibe captured in the lead single, I had to run this back a few times. The Nas & Ginuwine You Owe Me sample was flipped in the only way I can describe as wicked. Crossword did it justice. Let’s see what else he brings to the table. Enjoy

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