Tink – Ratchet Commandments

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.42.15 PM

This girl is going to have a prosperous career if she keeps it up, because of what I’ve heard so far, you can call it hyperbole, but she’s one of the best female rappers to come out since old Nicki Minaj (Jean Grae & Rapsody included). That says a lot given the fact that I grew up in an era where Female MCs were running things commercially without having to have an oversexualized image. I like that Tink keeps it real with herself and encourages other girls & women to do the same. She hands out some commandments, very Notorious B.I.G inspired, to the young ratchets out there, and she’s preaching. Chicago, man. It’s something in the water, I’ve been telling you. Check it out. Cop on iTunes as well

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