Martin Sky – Everywhere But Here [EP]

I had to go back to 2014 when I first heard about Martin Sky, to re-establish as to why I put him on the blog in the first place. After hearing a couple of tracks here and there since then, a full EP has emerged, and it’s nothing short of a heater that’s great for the cold. Chicago music, period, is on a tear. Kanye West is releasing an album, Lupe Fiasco has Album of the Year so far, Tink is going to blow up, Nez & Rio are a couple of the hottest producers, Vic Mensa is about to blow up, Chance the Rapper is releasing an album as well – it’s too much (oh yeah – Google Niykee Heaton). It’s exciting, and you’d swear that I was a resident of that city, but I’m just generally a fan of the music they have going on. It’s a good time to be in that city – something positive influencing the world, as opposed to what was the highlight in years past. Martin is on the list of up and coming artists determined to make a name for himself. With this EP, that’s not far in reach. Take a listen, and enjoy.

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