On The Lookout – Martin Sky


What do you know? Another Chicago rapper on my radar. I was forwarded one of his tracks (Pearl Gawd) and I was told that I might like it (people seem to know what I like), and at first there wasn’t anything that spectacular for me to point out, but the flow over the beat is what caught me.

The song reminded me of ScHoolboy Q’s Put In Work, and it’s the calm voice with the uptempo flow that had me locked in. He doesn’t have a lot of tracks out, but of what he does have, they’re worth the listens because the beats he spits over make the tracks as a whole enjoyable (he also makes them). You Know What To Do is a dope ass beat, so that elevated my likeliness of him as an artist overall than just a rapper.

His style as a rapper is a blend of Joey Badass, Vince Staples & Earl Sweatshirt; the monotone vocals pit them all together in that comparison, but it’s clear to hear that Martin fits in that description. With that being said, it’s difficult to say as to just where he’ll fit in when he decides to drop a mixtape and (maybe) eventually grow from there. There’s talent evident, so check him out and stay tuned for what else happens.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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