Mickey Taelor – Hiigrade Vol. 2

I was reading an interview with TDE producer Willie B, and he was talking about various things, music wise (who’s the best out, what’s up with Kendrick’s album, etc.),  and then he was asked about Mickey Taelor, and from the tone of voice, he was excited to be talking about her and drew comparisons that sparked my interest, so I took a listen to her EP. Production is major, but only if the vocals can blend well with what’s already been laid down. Mickey’s touch on her cover of Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds, Drake’s HYFR, adding interpolations of A$AP Rocky’s Wassup & Kendrick’s m.A.A.d city, make her creative and her lyrics are solid. There are more R&B acts really pushing the envelope of sound and lyricism (Jhene, SZA, Iman Europe) and I can hear where Mickey would fit in that category. Take a listen and gauge your own views, but it’s definitely worth the time.

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