Just John – Inner City Kids (Feat. The Loon) (Official Video)

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Scarborough, Scarborough, Scarborough. I grew up there, my entire educational (except college) life was spent there, and although I haven’t lived there in going on 6 years, it’ll always be where my heart is (considering that I still have family & childhood friends who live there). What’s great about the region is that there are a lot of creatives that come out of there that have significant impact on the city. And keep in mind, although Drake isn’t from Scarborough, there are a bunch of references in his music, but I’ll leave it at that. Just John embodies that newer sound of the city that doesn’t consist of just the traditional Hip Hop or Trap lifestyle. He’s hype, but he has a rock & roll wave about him & his music. In this song, it’ll hit for those who’ve had similar experiences living in areas where it is less than great, but still have that desire to make something for themselves and get out of the area that seems to keep people locked in. “Just an inner city kid tryna find my way out” is something that I can relate to wholeheartedly, and the song itself rocks from start to finish (that beat switch though). Check it out and look out for his album (Renaissance Boy) that is coming soon. It’s an exciting time, 2015 is. Here’s more to indulge.

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