The Vault – Why Do I Blog? (2012)

I was rummaging through the archives of my site and I stumbled upon a post I wrote for my bestfriend’s (now dead) blog, Yugopinionated. It was a mini-series entitled ‘Why Do I Blog’, and it featured a couple of people who have opened up themselves to this here internet about why we express our words for the world to see. Thankfully, I’m smart and I have every piece of writing (well almost) over the past 4 years saved, and here it is to share with you all. Enjoy.


Why do I do this? Why does Kobe Bryant play basketball? Why does Michael Phelps swim? Why does the government tax us so much? All can be summed up into 1 or 2 answers: Because they like it & it’s a passion of theirs that the world must feel.

Okay, well, I highly doubt that the ENTIRE WORLD (some countries) actually feels what I’m writing, but, as to why I do it in the first place, well there’s also a simple answer to that: I have a lot to say.

There’s a difference between “having to say something” and “something to say.” I’m not blogging for the sole purpose of my own boredom. Obviously, I want to get the word out for the people who were never told what was new because their friends all listened to the same music. I’m blogging to get out my feelings of frustration in a positive light so that I can help be a voice to those who can’t find their own. I do it because I love to talk about things that interest me, and may also be of interest to other people.

I do it for the people who have been sheltered and/or consumed by the mainstream media and need a refresher. I don’t listen to the radio, I don’t watch BET, I’m not a conformist to the mainstream society, because it’s SATURATED, it’s pathetic, it’s not of any particular interest, and most notably, it’s repetitive. I do it for the little guys who need some support getting a name out to generate some more fans, because let’s be real, everyone needs love, and as someone who just supports people a lot, why not?

I like to make people laugh, but at the same time, I want to inspire others to find their dreams, and go after them. Not enough people in life are being told positive things in a negative world; I just want to do my part and help the people in my age group move on in life, because you know what? I don’t care about how many people read my stuff, but if one person feels uplifted by some of my words, or I helped them in any way, then I’m doing my job. There is truly no underestimation when it comes to the power of words. It’s mystical, it’s vibrant, it’s real, and it’s something that should be used more often.

I was given a mouth to speak. When I was introduced to computers, that was the end of it: unlimited speaking to people all over the place, and it’s truly a blessing to have people actually appreciate the things you write, or have them say “thank you” or “I really enjoyed your last post.” It means everything to me that all of my talking that people didn’t ever want to hear when I was younger is now being appreciated today. It’s just as my catchphrase goes, and it’s the main answer to this question. Why do I blog? Because,

That’s My Word & IT STiXX

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