Ant-Man – The STiXXclusive Review

We seem to be in the Golden age of movies, especially when it comes to those based on popular comic book series. Now, I wasn’t involved in that world heavily because that’s really a lifelong dedication, but the movies have really been entertaining to watch and follow along with the wide and uber-complex world that are the DC & Marvel Universes. Just when you think that one character is completely outside of the picture, there’s some way in which they’re connected. It’s very confusing, and being that I’m an outsider with no real comic book knowledge that peers into the extensive back stories of each superhero or villain, it’s all just one big cluster of information that I can’t fathom to wrap my head around. The two movies that I felt had nothing to do with the Marvel movie universe that I’ve already come to know, are Guardians of the Galaxy and this movie here that I’m currently reviewing, Ant-Man. Because most judgments come from witnessing movie trailers, there wasn’t really anything about this movie that I was interested in, considering that I’m not really huge on Paul Rudd, although I know that he’s known for his role in a bunch of comedy genre movies. Perhaps he would be the right fit for Marvel since they do cast an element of humour throughout the characters (Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman, etc.). I literally just knew nothing about the Ant-Man at all.

Life is hard for ex-convicts, because those who are trying to do right don’t seem to get the fair shake when it comes to trying to get back into the groove of things with regards to work placement. Many of them can’t find jobs, which makes times tough, which gives them the itch to going back to crime to help solve those issues. It’s a struggle that I know a lot of people deal with, but through time, their just due is rewarded, and there are people who believe in granting second chances. Scott Lang is one of those people looking for a second chance, and in an unlikely scenario, he’s granted one in which he needs to be the unlikely hero for a man who used to be a hero. I won’t get into too much detail, because that would just kill the anticipation, but it has that cliché story built in that we’ve seen time and time again. Desperate times, desperate measures, and usually family members are involved (which is true in this case). So with that story set up, it really did seem like it was just an ordinary comic book movie, because for over 10 years, what else could have people impressed?

Yet again, Marvel did it again and I was highly entertained because of the humour, the action, and the effects that came with. I knew that ants were smart insects (much how I despise them), but to see from an action perspective how they were used and even from the vantage point of an ant, which is used a lot in the movie, it was pretty intense, and visually I love how it was brought out. Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Wood Harris, Michael Peña, T.I, and others really made the movie well acted, because through the great writing that was presented they all just have their natural charisma that made it not only funny, but entertaining. The action itself is what you expect in a Marvel movie, so there was a lot of that to look forward to. Overall, it was surprisingly a good movie that I very much enjoyed which I didn’t expect to. I’m sure that this was the case for a lot of people, because they didn’t really care for it, but I would recommend seeing it, being that it’s a good summer movie, which equals quality entertainment. I’ll let you decide, but for now, this is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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