Devontée – Bare Tings (Official Video)

It’s finally happening. The explosion of the revolutionized Toronto Rap Renaissance is happening. I was fortunate enough to have heard this song live and if you’ve been around to hear the song as a whole prior to video, then you know what it’s all about. Visually, the gritty (and well edited) presentation shows off that we’re not just all sunshine, rainbows and free health care on the North side of the border (shoutout to East York). The ‘6’ culture is one that is strengthening the personality of Toronto in more than just music. Sports wise, it’s already taken over to the point where Toronto is starting to get big name players to play here because of that one number, and the number one influencer. Whether you’re with it or against it (myself being on the latter), you can’t deny that the shift is imminent and the sound is here to stay for the rest of the world to see. Enjoy. Keep 6 (watch your back, in other words). District Vibe coming soon.

P.S – Devontée, I need a ‘NIZE’ shirt

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