In April, I posted Kenneth’s The 1st of July EP because based on what I heard, he had a dope sound. When he told me that he had this next mixtape coming out, of course my ears were attentive. I didn’t expect to be wowed off the first and second listens, but production was intense (shoutout to ZepFire) and Mr. Cane does them justice. Mississauga is the sibling of Toronto that used to get bullied as a kid, but has grown up to have a great relationship with big brother. They have their own wave popping out of the West, and it’s a beautiful thing. Kenneth Cane should be a name that people should familiarize themselves with, because he has the sound to hang with the boys whom are on the current come up. Everyone is still coming up, no one is firmly established, outside of an OVO blessing, to the point of an astronomical take off (Tory Lanez is pretty much there). Run this a few times in your stereo.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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