Kenneth Cane – The 1st of July [EP]

Recently, while at a show celebrating the EP release for Dijah SB’s Screwface Chapter 1 EP, she had a friend of hers, Kenneth Cane, open up for her. Now, being that this is the city of the ‘screwface’, the energy & support given to local artists, especially those who aren’t known at all, usually result in giving them the cold shoulder, although everyone does get their fair assessment by the crowd. This was no different, but the vibe was great and the energy that Kenneth gave off in his performance was enough for me to go home and listen to his EP in full, because the production, and the variety of the songs were sonically hitting on the right notes.

Songs he performed like Stoners Etiquette, Bermuda Lightskin Diplo each brought their intensities from the laid back and chill, to the noticeably bouncy. On the EP itself, there’s no difference where it comes to that balance of turn up and slow down in a healthy dosage of 8 tracks. The EP flows well, because of that aforementioned balance. He brings about that energy that makes it interesting to listen to from start to finish while you do hear that established & newly energized ‘Toronto sound’ (as evidenced on the Stuck freestyle). This is definitely a project I’d recommend listening to, and I’m glad that I took the time out to go to Dijah’s event for which this post wouldn’t have happened. Be sure to check out her EP as well (great production and songs overall) while you’re at it.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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