Tamera Russell – Sweet Tooth EP

This year seems to have just strictly been bombarded by Rap music and whatnot, but one of the best albums to come out this year was The Internet’s Ego Death, and alternative R&B is very much a staying power in music today. With the Trap influence being the main source, throwing on a sultry & seductive voice underneath is the main ingredient for producing something sweet (pun very much intended). That is the case for Toronto’s own Tamera Russell, who shot me the link to her EP, and right off the bat I was hit with a sense of nostalgia that I felt would resonate throughout the entire project. One of the sources of that nostalgia could be triggered by the fact that the 90s movie, Love Jones, is the inspiration behind the project. It seems as though the ‘throw in a 90s reference to restore the feel’ vibe is very cliché amongst millennial artists, but I did not expect her voice to be so intimate and enticing. That’s what really drew me to enjoying the project through and through. I sincerely hope that you listen to this and share it out to everyone possible, because this is a well-rounded, listenable and enjoyable EP that I would easily put money towards. I love what my city is producing, and there’s really no stopping the momentum that has certainly been carried to this point.

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