Dijah SB – Loops (Feat. India)

If there is one thing that I appreciate, it’s the female MC, whether or not they like being referred to as such. Having grown up listening to Lauryn, Missy, Eve & Foxy Brown, there will always be that love from the other side of the male dominated genre, but also that hope that it can maybe get back to that. Keyword – Maybe. Just like Rap itself, the style changes and the artists have a different palette of skills that they bring to the table much like years past, but what’s been lacking is quality, period. Let’s just be real, there isn’t as much ‘Great’ as there are ‘Good’ and ‘Okay.’

Dijah SB has more so been making quality music in her reinvented role, having been in the game for a while although she’s still a youte (she won’t appreciate me saying that, but face it, kiddo). I had the pleasure of hearing this record before it was cleaned up and washed behind the ears. It’s on the smoother side of things although she still maintains her rather aggressive approach. And it’s necessary because the messaging calls for it. The focus is intact and I’m happy to see & hear the progression she’s making. India takes the opportunity of her feature and absolutely crushes it (check her Soundcloud for more pieces). Definitely get into Dijah’s music if you haven’t yet, because you will certainly enjoy.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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