Good Friend – Good Friend EP

Contrary to popular belief (as evidence as to what’s more often posted on this here blog), I don’t always just listen to Rap music. Out of the 90% of its consumption, I do appreciate other genres from time to time. There are a lot of people who make a big stink about either just listening to one genre on a daily basis (like it’s a bad thing), or the people who go out of their ways to highlight that they’ve listened to everything under the moon that’s been created since the dawn of time. Allow Taraji P. Henson to supply you with your cookie, because clearly you’ve been asking for one.

Canada has always been a country to support folk/country/rock since its inception, and where the Hip Hop genre is still vying to get its voice out there for the rest of our large, but small country, to appreciate as a whole, there are still often acts from the original genres that can stand out from time to time. The beauty of Soundcloud is that there are so many hidden gems available, that if I were to sit on it 24 hours a day, I’d have about 1000 more posts than I already do now. That’s the God honest truth. So along comes a band called Good Friend, hailing from Wasaga Beach, that sends me a message about their EP, and with a cleared mind, I took it in with honest ears, and I can’t even lie, it hit me right off the bat. The instrumentation ranges from Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Violin & obviously, the percussions. The leader singer has a strong voice that captivates and the lyrics are pure to the point where I have to say to myself “where did you guys come from?” The Things I’d Never Choose is probably the stand out song that I would imagine hearing on the radio at some point, because it’s really that good. Now I’m not Rock expert by any means, but I don’t think you need to be in order to hear something that you like. This is something that I like, and although there are only 4 songs, it’s a great sampling of music to digest in a mellow setting, and hopefully this just opens up more people to them and we’ll get more from this band in the future. But for now, enjoy the EP and check out the rest of their stuff on Soundcloud.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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