All Star House Party [February 13, 2016]

Toronto has been blessed with many things, but when it comes to things related to sports, we’re about as dismal as Cleveland to some regard (although the Blue Jays gave the city a lot of life in 2015). The Raptors have ushered in a new era of excitement into the city because of recent playoff appearances and All-Star players like DeMar DeRozan & Kyle Lowry at the helm. For the country that was home to the man that invented the game of Basketball, it’s only fitting that 70 years since the first NBA game between the Toronto Huskies & New York Knicks (played in Toronto) will be home to the 2016 NBA All Star Weekend.

Toronto is a city that has a party atmosphere no matter what the weather is (okay, maybe to some extent); people will always find a reason to step out, show out, and enjoy their time with others. This weekend will definitely give a lot of people reasons to go out, even if it isn’t the events at the Air Canada Centre (because, I mean, unless you’re rich, let’s be honest, you’re not going). So what’s the alternative? Parties. Whether they’re hosted by out-of-town celebrities or other athletes, there will be parties. But, again…cost + cold = people ending up staying home or going to others’ houses.

But, come out to our house. We are the club party alternative with the house party setting that you’re used to. Besides, where else are you going to be fed & entertained in a relaxed environment where you can dress down and kick it a bit? It’s not going to happen. Period. Shelley’s Catering is providing the eats, DJ Lissa Monet is just one of the DJs providing the jams, and I (Mr. STiXX) will be the voice of the night. There will be games & prizes. I don’t see how you go wrong with either. The best part is, you won’t be breaking the bank during Valentine’s Weekend if you still want to spend time with your significant other (shoot, bring them with you).

All Star Weekend in Toronto is something everyone said (including to my face by a face of NBATV Canada) would never happen, but it is here. It’s only right that we celebrate as though we won’t get it again (praying that doesn’t happen). I’ve said all that I could say, and the rest is on you to buy tickets, share this post, and get excited about a good great house party to come your way.

Click HERE for ticket purchases
(Early Bird Sales have closed)
Visit the Party’s Site for more info
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See you there!
That’s My Word & It STiXX



Thelta Delta Chi Frat House, to be exact

Tickets are still available, but the prices are going up February 1st! Make sure you don’t miss out as we move closer to the party.

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