Jazz Cartier – Hotel Paranoia

Jazz Cartier is making a strong case of being the next voice of Toronto to come out of the city to represent us on the major market joining the likes of Tory Lanez & Alessia Cara, but the difference is that he’s full fledged from the heart of the city unlike the aforementioned names that represent the surrounding suburbs. Marauding In Paradise was the introduction to a dark & aggressive nature that many people in the city have been accustomed to hearing, because it’s a sound that reflects us for the majority of the year because when you look between October & March in Toronto, it’s cold, it rains, it snows, and you see people in all Black everywhere. I mean there are the odd years (like this past Winter) where it’s mild, but that’s not often the case. Jazz’s music does its fair share of encompassing the mood of the city within his music, and with Hotel Paranoia, he brings an atmosphere that’s hype, trippy, and intimidating. He’s letting it be known that he’s the voices you for sure need to know when you mention the rap representatives.

With OperaI KnowStick & Move, and Tales making their debuts ahead of time, they only become more enhanced within the scope of the album, as it’s consistent with the approach and is entertaining. There are plenty of songs that certainly have their weight when it comes to potential anthems (Black & Misguided for me) that will hit home for many. Tell Me, which features River Tiber, has the makings of being a big hit internationally, if it is marketed that way because of the vibe it brings as a whole. It’s Toronto in a nutshell, and Jazz invites you for a stay with a more-than-suitable project to help narrate not only his emotions, but to set the scene of a certain side of the Dot you wouldn’t see or hear about through other parts. Certainly enjoy, because Jazz will be a name you’ll know moving forward for a significant period of time.

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