Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Urban Flora EP

I might have to make a trip out to California to get a taste of that Pacific Ocean water, because there is something in it that just makes the talent out West not miss a beat when it comes to their talent across so many different avenues. I’ve been in a certain mood, musically, where I find myself listening to more laid back and jazzy sounds, with the whisper flutters for vocals. It’s a peaceful bliss that’s happening, and for some of the artists that contribute to that type of sound, you have SZA & Jhene Aiko who would be my representatives. When I was riding around with my dear friend TJ, she had her music bumping, and a couple of songs came about; midway throughout conversation, I had to stop and ask what I was listening to, because it was so chill and the voice caught me immediately. She sent me the songs, and then naturally I just progressed into the full project. I was surprised at how many people knew about it already, making me feel like “damn, where’ve I been?” It happens, but thankfully I can be proud to share it out. The production, the vocals, the lyrics. Everything just comes together and feels right. Do yourself a favour, listen to the EP, and certainly enjoy.

That’s My Word & It STiXX


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