Race – The STiXXclusive Review

This has been quite the Black History Month that I can remember, but it’s always just one month where, as a whole, Black people can learn about their heroes, past & present, whole help define the struggle that Black people have had to endure and try to eliminate well before I was even a thought to come into this world. The Freedom Fighters, Inventors, Scientists, and true activists aren’t the most celebrated, which leaves the entertainers & athletes (which serve as a form of entertainment) to be the ones that we cheer for regularly. Jesse Owens is one of those heroes that is celebrated for the reason Jackie Robinson was praised by many as well; for breaking down the racial barriers and opening a path into a world which wanted to shut Black people out. Too bad.

I think Jesse Owens (for my generation, at least) is one of the more forgotten athletes, because really all you know is the fact that he was at the Olympics in Berlin during the Nazi regime, and won a bunch of medals. That’s the bare minimum of what we know, but this movie surrounds not only that event, but also him really getting to get that opportunity to do so. When you’re one of the first people to do something of a historical & generational magnitude, there’s a lot of pressure from all directions that not many people can handle, but Jesse, a mortal man, definitely took every step in stride right to the finish line & into the history books, athletically & culturally.

Stephan James, a Toronto native, has shot up from his role in Selma to playing Jesse Owens, and there is certainly a bright future for this young man. This was a good movie, but like 42 (the Jackie Robinson movie), there seemed to be more focus on the white counterparts (Jason Sudeikis & Jeremy Irons) since one played the coach, and the other played a facilitator in even having the United States participate in those Olympic Games. There are definitely stories within the movie that were new to me, so that I did appreciate. I’m excited for Stephan’s future, as this is a great step in the right direction. Check it out and learn something new this Black History Month. But for now, this is my opinion, this is my review

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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