KING VII – Crown Royal

One thing that I admire when it comes to the scope of music, is witnessing an artist grow when they put their mind forth to be something more than just another rapper that’s in the crowd. Now, I’m not one that does a lot of co-signing or is quick to throw on just whoever is buzzing to other people, because far too many acts who sound similar to each other are getting shine, and it’s not fair to those who are doing something creatively different and are getting the side-step.

KING VII (who went by a different name a few years ago, but my memory isn’t serving me quite well) is one of those artists who has maintained his persistence with regards to getting his name out there, coming from Dallas, Texas. We all know how difficult it is to get your name out there in this day in age, but with good (even great) quality, the people will gradually gravitate towards you, and I feel like at some point, it happens for those who have put in enough work for themselves. Now, I was skeptical, because his previous efforts weren’t as good (to me, at least), but my admiration of the persistence is what got me to explore with an open mind, and this is something that certainly surprised me. From the storyline, to the production & the clear Southern influences that sprinkled in here & there, it’s a well-rounded effort and I do believe that it does deserve the love (26 alone warrants many replays). Inspiration comes in many forms, but there’s a special kind of feeling that hits you to make some of your best work. It takes time, but it happens to everyone, which sets the snowball effect in motion. I hope this is the one for him.

Be sure to check it out and follow along as he continues to make his strides. Enjoy.

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