Zootopia – The STiXXclusive Review

No matter how old I get, I pray that I will still have the child in me intact, because that will allow me to continue enjoying Disney movies for their humour, fun, and important messaging that they have provided, dealing with everything under the sun from: friendships, family values, and love. One thing that I admire about Disney is that they find new ways to tell stories about what’s going on with us as humans whether they deal with our inner emotions (Inside Out) or how we interact as a society, which is what Zootopia does. It takes an approach to having Animals that we see in the zoo (or National Geographic documentary), but give them human qualities. It’s a bit different from what we’ve been accustomed to with Disney, because usually we’d see them function in an environment that was linked to their own habitats, so this was definitely intriguing to witness.

The only things that I had heard about this movie prior to it, were only good things, and coming out of the movie, I share those exact sentiments, because it was definitely not the movie I expected to watch. It dealt with many of the common discussions that we as a first-world society constantly bring up: Gender roles, race relations, and even the abuse of power within authority, as well as discrimination (which I guess can fall in under the race relations umbrella). Now, with all that said, you’d think that it’d be some kind of cute, fuzzy, and heartwarming movie for the kids, and although there were moments for the kids to embrace (believe me, I was in a theatre full of them), it was very much adult in its dialogue and the emphasis was that people of all species had the right to equal treatment, and not judging a book by its cover, regardless of predator & prey living amongst each other in a functioning ‘utopian’ society.

I don’t even want to give away details of this movie, because I truly believe that everyone should watch this movie to understand the references that link to what goes on in our (North American, at least) world that we live in, and also that the pop culture references are hilarious (I’m pretty sure you had to be at least in the 20s to get some stuff being highlighted). This is an excellent movie that’d I’d willingly see again, because it was that enjoyable, but for now, this is my opinion, this is my review

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