Black Milk & Nat Turner – The Rebellion Sessions

Black Milk is one of the more underrated artists to come out in the past 5-7 years, and it’s a crying shame that he hasn’t got as much love as he deserves, because the man has put out quality music for a long & consistent period of time. I’ve seen him live a few times, and with his accompanying band, Nat Turner (by the way, check out the trailer for Birth of a Nation), they have been nothing short of fantastic. So, when it came to be that they would be putting out an instrumental album together, it was just a joyous occasion. Turns out that my expectations were met and exceeded in the same breath, because it’s just an organic funk that spills out, and with no lyrics required, you just ease into a groove, and it’s vivid in its delivery. It certainly didn’t give me any reason to hop off my Music Cleanse for any reason, because it was great to hear something refreshing at the time, and it certainly is good music to be consumed at all times. With that being said, go and consume the music. You’ll enjoy it.

That’s My Word & It STiXX

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