i-KENO – The ONE (Prod. Nate Smith)

First things first, happy belated birthday to this man. He’s one energetic and spirited man hailing from the greatest place in Canada – Scarborough, Ontario. He represents YHW (Young HeavyWeights), and the energy backed not only by their vocals, but their production (usually fuelled by another up & coming great, Nate Smith) always slaps. There’s a greater sense of pride when those from Scarborough have so much promise and expose it for the world to see & hear. This is definitely one of those cases as iKeno embraces the challenge of making it out the hood with a trippy & spatial vibe in which only he knows how to deliver – with full force. Being ‘the one’ is always on the weight of the minds who have been backed up against the wall and want to break through the struggle, no matter the circumstance. It’s what makes the hook very catchy and relatable. After the first listen it was already stuck like glue, so you just know it’s going to stick to many more people. Check the song out, check YHW, and see what you’ve been missing from the east end. Shout out to the VERN!

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