Derin Falana – Live From Rocky Mountain

Being from Toronto, there’s a certain elitist attitude that comes with the territory, regardless of what other people in the city might think. We know we’re the shit, and regardless of where are flaws are in proximity to other major cities in the world, we know that we’re in a city where most people want to live and want to visit. Your chest puffs out a little bit (especially as of late) when you broadcast that you’re from Toronto because it never used to be cool to announce that, since no one cared – that is changing.

When you have surrounding suburbs like those in Durham, Peel, and York regions, they’re always subject to ridicule and being treated as the lesser sibling in the family, but regardless it’s still family. But when your siblings start to grow up and become functioning adults, you tease less and start to respect them more, and that is exactly what’s been happening from our neighbouring cities to the west in Mississauga & Brampton. Whether it’s from athletics or music, there’s a lot of talent coming out of the West 905, and Derin Falana (formerly The Flan) is an artist that has always been a name brought to my attention, but I can admit that I didn’t keep up as much as I wanted to, despite even seeing him perform at a show or two.

When I heard Vacation while investigating music on a work related project, I was blown away, and I’m glad he reached out and swung me a link to hear the full project because there was more from where that came from. There’s no debating that Toronto and the surrounding GTA has an established sound, but many artists who are standouts have formed their own style to bring themselves into the limelight (See: Tory Lanez, Devonteé, Jazz Cartier, John River). Falana has a lot more music outside of this project, but as a first introduction to who he is, what he’s about, and the potential he can carry on out of Brampton, it’s nothing short of impressive. Time to put some respect on Brampton, ah lie?

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